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Taste: The rich and chocolatey aroma hinted at the big, velvety mouthfeel of this coffee.  More savory than sweet, fruit dominates, and the slight floral finish was very satisfying. No surprise that this offering finished in 6th place out of 1610 competitors!

Roast: A medium/dark roast brings out the savory nature of this bean.  Stopping the roast about halfway through 2nd crack delivered an elegant cup.

About: Yolanda Marlene Garzón owns a 1/2-hectare farm called Ojo de Agua in Consacá, Nariño, where she grows Colombia variety. Despite the small size of her coffee farm, she produces 25 bags annually, and coffee is the main source of her family’s income. Her processing is key to her high quality: The coffee is harvested when the cherries have fully ripened to the deep purple color that is almost reminiscent of grapes. The coffee is depulped dry and pre-sorted, then fermented for 20 hours. After washing the seeds twice to remove the mucilage, the coffee is dried under full sun.

This coffee took 6th place in the Land of Diversity cupping competition and auction hosted by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in late 2020.

*Microlot Coffee Offerings: Farmers are paid quality premiums for any microlot coffee, which reflects the extra planning, effort, labor, and attention to detail required to produce them, as well as rewarding the ultimate job well done.

Colombia Excelso Microlot Garzon Arabica Coffee Beans

  • Country : Colombia

    Region : Consaca, Narino

    Farm/Growers : Ojo de Agua

    Varietals :Colombia

    Altitude :1750 masl

    Processing Method : Fully Washed

    Cupping Notes : Rich, sweet and savory with a creamy mouthfeel; very fruity with lots of caramel flavor. Blackcurrent, prune,wine body, sugar caneAfter taste

    Cupping Score : 88

    Recommended Roast : Medium Light

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