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The Fellow Clara French Press is a high quality Coffee press that offers an improved design on an old favorite.


The Clara's all-directional pour lid eliminates the need to align any spout in the lid and allows you to tip out the coffee from anywhere.


The Matte Black, stainless steel body, keeping with the aesthetics of Fellow Products, added an enhanced super fine metal mesh filter which reduces all kinds of bad stuff that comes through the filters and ruins a good cup of coffee. The Stainless Steel Filter leaves a clean and sparkling brew.


Knowing how much coffee and water you need has all been worked out for you, with measurements available on the inside of the press. A Bonus added feature with the Clara Frenchpress is an agitation stick for even extraction and the ultimate in coffee brewing experience.

Fellow Stagg Clara French Press

  • French Press Reimagined – Design features with the Clara make it a new old favorite.

    Enhanced Filtration – Super fine mesh Filter works to remove the smallest grinds from your cup.

    360º Pour – No alignment in the lid necessary, pour with ease in any direction.

    Ergonomic Handle – Large and easy to grip handle, kept away from the size to protect your hands.

    Agitation Stick Included – Thrown in for good measure, a stir stick to brew delicious coffee with.

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