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La Marzocco GS3 - Performance at home “GS” stands for its saturated brew group (gruppo saturo). The La Marzocco GS3 puts nearly a century of espresso machine innovation within reach.

In a surprisingly small footprint, with water reservoir or plumb-in options, the GS3 suits high-end home and office use and has sufficient steam power and performance for many commercial applications including restaurants, catering, and professional offices. A mechanical paddle controls the flow and water and pressure through the grouphead via an internal valve. Manual pre-infusion allows you to bring out different flavor components which affect the balance and body of the shot, and produce a rounder, softer espresso that highlights brightness, sweetness and delicate notes.


When you own a GS3, you own a piece of history and an object that you can hand down to the next generation. Crafted to withstand the rigors of daily use, this will be your countertop companion for years to come. A must for the perfectionist and espresso coffee enthusiast!

La Marzocco GS3 MP Espresso Machine (with Home App)

    • New Full Range Pressure Manipulation: The micro switch for engaging the pump has been moved to the beginning of the brew cycle in order to create back pressure on the valve. This allows the user to manually manipulate brew pressure with a reservoir machine. No more need to plumb in the GS3 MP for pre-infusion. You can now also manipulate the pressure in the full range of pressure from 0 to 9 bars.
    • Periscope Manometer: A new manometer has been added that sits on top of the group head in order to measure the brew pressure at the point of brewing instead of in the boiler. This combined with Pump On Pre-Infusion features allows for manual pressure manipulation with a reservoir machine.
    • Automatic Dosing: programmable dosage buttons for single and double shots
    • Dual steel boilers: 3.5 liters for steam, 1.5 liters for coffee
    • Optimized temperature stability: saturated groups, PID temperature control within ±.5°C, pre-heated brew water
    • Hot Water Economizer: Adjust the hot water dispenser to your preferred temperature.

    • Safe water components: "cool-touch" hot water tap and protected steam wand
    • Self-contained unit: internal volumetric pump and 3.5-liter water reservoir
    • Intuitive user interface: multifunction keypads and digital display
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