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An exceptionally robust grinder with high grinding capacity, suitable for different grinding coffee at different grind levels, from French Press to Espresso. Matt Perger, the 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion, has stated that the ek43 Mahlkonig coffee bean grinder has the most uniform particle size. Additionally, bean hoppers can be easily switched in and out thanks to the grinder's slide plate.


Consistency. The EK43 boasts unmatched particle distribution – that is, consistency in grind size. This means fewer fines, improved cup clarity, and the opportunity for higher extraction yields without bitterness.


Versatility. Sporting stepless adjustment over a wide range, the EK43 is suitable for nearly all methods of coffee preparation. Switching between recipes is easy with the numbered dial and you can even grind for large batches or customers' purchases with the handy bag clamp.


Power. With 98mm burrs and a motor that harnesses the power of almost two horses, the EK43 is unparalleled in performance. Your coffee will go from beans to bits at a rate of 21-25 grams-per-second.

Mahlkonig EK43 Allround Grinder

    • Powerful Combination:
      • exceptionally robust grinder with high grinding capacity
      • suitable for different grinding goods and different finenesses as e.g. turkish-fine and/or espresso grinding
    • Operation:
      • bags are simply clamped into the bag holder – no need to hold bags during the grinding process
      • the cleaning of the spout is simply done with the bag holdeg
      • grind adjustment to the desired fineness is easily done by turning the grind adjustment knob
      • the hoppers can be locked with a slide plate to enable an easy exchange of hoppers with different grinding goods


    Please note. Mahlkonig grinders are tested with coffee by Mahlkonig, the manufacturer. *We only sell brand new grinders. There will however by evidence of coffee from testing at Mahlkonig.

  • Burrs 98mm Cast Steel Burr
    Grinding Speed 1200 - 1500 g/min
    Bean Hopper Capacity 1500 g
    Burr Speed 1740 RPM
    Power Consumption 1300 watt
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 23 x 82.8 x 41 cm
    Weight 24kg
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